Hartford officers partner with state police

Earlier this week, Hartford Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts met with Connecticut State Police Colonel Thomas Davoren at Hartford Police Headquarters to discuss the role of the Connecticut State Police in the Hartford’s 2008 Safe City Initiative. That meeting resulted in a plan that will place uniformed state troopers in partnership with city officers in an operation that will last through late September.

The Hartford Courant today ran a story about the initiative but of even greater interest is what Chief Roberts has said directly to the citizens of Hartford.

“It is my firm belief that to accomplish the goals of crime reduction, a safer community, and enhanced quality of life, we must effectively partner with community stakeholders, local, state, and federal agencies, and all members of the community we serve,” Chief Roberts said on his blog. “Each officer must continue to strive for excellence under the neighborhood policing plan, thereby developing a true sense of ownership within the neighborhoods. Crime reduction, safer communities, and enhanced quality of life enforcement will be the product of this comprehensive approach to policing.”

Chief Roberts offered 17 programs and strategies for the 2008 Safe City Initiative that he believes will provide a strong framework for the reduction of violent crime, enhancement of the community, and employee recognition for exemplary work:

1. Community contact partnership program
2. Crime solvers tip line program
3. Cop-a-book program (fall 2008)
4. Increased collaboration with federal and state agencies
5. Quality of life enforcement
6. Utilization of the Compstat process
7. Mid-squad city-wide conditions teams
8. Relentless warrant service and de-briefing by uniform personnel
9. Deployment of resources in hotspot areas
10. Project safe neighborhoods (PSN) program
11. High visibility traffic enforcement
12. Knock and talk details
13. Home visits for gang members and recently released parolees
14. Motor vehicle traffic checkpoints
15. Field intelligence retrieval and management system (firm)
16. Community service officer, school resource officer and neighborhood district conditions team meetings
17. Employee recognition program: Firearm Arrest & Felony Intelligence Recognition Program.

On May 15, 2008, in a joint press conference with Mayor Eddie A. Perez, Chief Daryl K. Roberts launched Hartford’s 2008 Safe City Initiative, a citywide effort by the HPD with the guiding principles built upon service, relationships, and safety.

A recipient of the “Chief’s Medal of Valor,” the highest honor bestowed to a member of the Hartford Police Department, Chief Roberts has three Distinguished Service Medals, six Exemplary Service Medals and a Merit Award.

Ed Note: PoliceOne will follow the progress of this initiative and report again as additional information becomes available.

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