P1 First Person: A devotional reading dedicated to the patrol officer

Editor's Note: PoliceOne recently launched a new series, “First Person," where P1 columnists and members candidly share their own unique cop’s-eye-view of the world, from personal insights on issues confronting cops today to observations and advice on living life behind the thin blue line. This week’s feature is from PoliceOne Columnist Joel Shults. Dr. Shults presently serves with the Adams State College Police in Colorado. Do you want to share your own perspective with other P1 Members? Email us your short article.

Just remember me. I may not have my name engraved on a memorial wall or be saluted once a year with misty eyes and trumpets played. I don’t want to compete for glory or take away anything from those whose last heart beat was beneath a badge stilled at their last breath or lovingly adorned before they are laid to rest. Remember me in the glow of the patrol car’s console as I bumped through alleys on a quiet midnight shift, balancing a cup of coffee.

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