Video: Police impersonators stage raid on Texas game room

Five armed men connected to a string of robberies appear 'organized,' 'trained,' a Houston officer said

By PoliceOne Staff

HOUSTON — Surveillance footage shows five armed police impersonators stage a fake raid on an illegal gaming room.

In the past week, the same crew has netted more than $20,000 from three different rooms, KHOU reported. According to witnesses, the suspects arrived in what appeared to be an undercover police vehicle they say was outfitted with a siren and light. One man was armed with an assault rifle.

Police are seeking more information about the crime, which they said appears similar to an actual police operation.

“These guys are organized. It looks like they’re trained. Each of them have a role to play. One of them takes the security guard, one of them takes the door. The other two escort the customers out of the business," an unidentified HPD officer said. "You know it’s something similar to a raid HPD would do."


Investigators said the suspects may be Zetas.

Some of the men in the video don't have masks, so police hope someone will come forward with more information.

“We’re trying to get those guys identified,” an investigator said.

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