Video: Suspected Mich. killer escapes handcuffs

Detroit police say the escape was an 'isolated incident'

By PoliceOne Staff

DETROIT — A suspected killer used a smuggled key to unlock his handcuffs and briefly escape from police custody.

Rahman Banks was arrested on accusations of shooting a witness to a murder reportedly committed by his brother, according to My Fox Detroit

In video of the incident, Banks is seen running through a Detroit police precinct parking lot after he freed himself. According to reports, he also unlocked the handcuffs of two other suspects, who didn't run.

Police apprehended Banks four blocks away and booked him into prison on nearly $3 million bond. Officials say the matter is under investigation and appropriate action will be taken.

"The officers of the Detroit Police Department make thousands of arrests without incident. This is an isolated incident that occured that we are currently investigating," Deputy Chief Benjamin Lee said.

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