Video: Robber fleeing gas station bumps into cop

Fast action and fortuitous timing are important factors in arrest of armed man

By PoliceOne Staff

LAWRENCE, Ind. — Timing is everything. An Ind. cop entering a gas station stop-and-rob almost collided with a would-be robber fleeing with a cash-register draw in his hands.

Raw surveillance video provided by the Lawrence, Ind,. Police Department shows the pair come face to face at the sliding doors.

Officer Dan Rhoton quickly stepped aside, drew his sidearm, and effected the arrest.

According the police report, Rhoton recovered a fully-loaded black Smith and Wesson handgun from 29-year-old Hliafi Derricott's right front jacket pocket.

It was later learned that Derricott was wanted on a warrant for carrying a handgun without a license. 

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