Video: Former cop out of control in back of squad

Dash cam footage shows the former officer, who resigned after allegations arose of abuse, outraged on his way to jail

By Monika Diaz
KHOU Texas

FORT WORTH, Texas — Screaming, kicking windows and cursing; it’s behavior all caught on camera inside a Fort Worth police patrol car last month.

The person in handcuffs and behind the outbursts is Andrew Peterson. The Saginaw police officer resigned February 5 after allegations of abuse toward customers and officers surfaced during his public intoxication arrest at a Fort Worth hotel on January 26. Peterson was off-duty at the time.

The video shows Peterson, 26, mumbling his words and lashing out at officers. Saginaw police previously said the rookie’s behavior embarrassed the city and the department.

Full Story:  Screaming & kicking: Ft. Worth video shows former police officer out of control

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