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The Patrol Issues topic page offers news, commentary, analysis, and tactical tips that will help prepare police officers for life on the thin blue line. Suspect contacts, witness interviews, foot pursuits, citizen complaints, angry sergeants, and endless report writing are day-to-day activities for a patrol officer who knows that the “routine” is anything but routine.
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December 17, 2015

Calif. officer shoots, kills man charging him with knife

The man took a cordless phone from the 7-Eleven store at the intersection, then called 911 to say a crime was going to happen.
December 17, 2015

UK lane-hogger gets what's coming to him

The police stop a driver from hogging the fast lane.
December 17, 2015

Calif. police find incredible self-buying beer

KTVU investigates a liquor store in Daly City where nobody appears to know how an underaged man managed to get a 12 pack of Coronas.
December 17, 2015

Iowa police release 'cute' PSA on theft prevention

Theft prevention tips for the holiday season by West Des Moines Police.
December 17, 2015

Ind. police pursue dump truck through city streets

Police chasing after a dump truck though Huntington Monday night caught the attention of a lot of people.
December 17, 2015

Deer flips over Ky. cop's cruiser

Officer Pittaluga encountered a large deer while driving. The department released the video as training.
December 16, 2015

12-year-old with lengthy record steals car from 89-year-old Fla. man

The man was not injured as the boy drove away in the vehicle.
December 16, 2015

Texas officer uses cruiser to stop wrong-way DUI driver

The driver was going the wrong direction on a tollway.
December 15, 2015

Suspect tries to grab Wis. officer’s gun during traffic stop

The suspect was unruly and combative during his arrest.

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