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The Patrol Issues topic page offers news, commentary, analysis, and tactical tips that will help prepare police officers for life on the thin blue line. Suspect contacts, witness interviews, foot pursuits, citizen complaints, angry sergeants, and endless report writing are day-to-day activities for a patrol officer who knows that the “routine” is anything but routine.
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December 02, 2015

Utah officer falls off roof after suspect charges him

The officer fell 10 feet and suffered minor injuries.
December 02, 2015

Driver shoots at Pa. officer during traffic stop

After the suspect shot at the officer, the officer leaned to his left and rolled to the ground.
December 02, 2015

How smiles can kill officers

PoliceOne columnist Joel Shults explains why nice guys finish last when dealing with violent offenders.
December 01, 2015

CCW active shooter tactical response shirt

With over 160 active shooter incidents involving 1,043 casualties (killed and wounded) between 2000 and 2013 throughout here in the U.S., the need for plain clothed, off-duty and CCWs to be able to rapidly respond to active shooter threats and then be able to immediately identify themselves to uniformed officers is critical.
December 01, 2015

Oakland Housing Authority Police recruiting

The Oakland Housing Authority Police Department is currently accepting applications for the position of Police Reserve and Police Service .
December 01, 2015

Idaho police pursuit timed perfectly

Witnesses to a police pursuit remark it looks like a movie.
December 01, 2015

Calif. drivers behaving badly

California Highway Patrol stops drivers on highway for trying to go around traffic on shoulder.
December 01, 2015

Tribute to women officers

A special recognition to all police women, and a tribute to women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty..
December 01, 2015

Colo. cop’s head sliced open, cruiser stolen after helping ‘stranded’ driver Secure - Login Required

The driver stole the officer’s patrol vehicle and led police on a high-speed pursuit.
Colo. cop’s head sliced open, cruiser stolen after helping ‘stranded’ driver

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