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The Patrol Issues topic page offers news, commentary, analysis, and tactical tips that will help prepare police officers for life on the thin blue line. Suspect contacts, witness interviews, foot pursuits, citizen complaints, angry sergeants, and endless report writing are day-to-day activities for a patrol officer who knows that the “routine” is anything but routine.
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December 07, 2015

73-year-old arrested after trying to snort cocaine during Seattle traffic stop

Seattle police released dash cam footage in the arrest of a 73-year-old man who snorted cocaine during a traffic stop.
December 04, 2015

PoliceOne’s Doug Wyllie discusses mass shootings in U.S. post-San Bernardino massacre

The day after 14 victims were killed in a terrorist attack in San Bernadino, Calif., PoliceOne Editor in Chief Doug Wyllie spoke with RT Live about shootings in the U.S. in 2015 and how active shooter training is evolving.
December 03, 2015

Ohio cop killer advances towards police with gun pointed

The suspect turns toward the cruiser after it arrives and advances with gun raised.
December 03, 2015

San Francisco police shoot suspect stabber

Th chief said the video confirmed the suspect “does have the knife in his hand and he does move toward officers.”
December 03, 2015

Officer to San Bernardino shooting evacuees: 'I'll take a bullet before you do'

An employee in the building took a video of officers during evacuation.
December 02, 2015

LIVE: Mass Shooting in San Bernardino, California. Up to 20 possibly shot

Police reported an active shooter on Twitter
December 02, 2015

Md. officer holds gun to man's head

The video led to a conviction on four criminal charges.
December 02, 2015

Witness films Atlanta police shooting

The suspect was shot after getting into a shootout with police.
December 02, 2015

Video refutes woman’s claim NJ officer pointed gun at her

The officer actually tried to cut the woman a break.

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