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Patrol Issues

The Patrol Issues topic page offers news, commentary, analysis, and tactical tips that will help prepare police officers for life on the thin blue line. Suspect contacts, witness interviews, foot pursuits, citizen complaints, angry sergeants, and endless report writing are day-to-day activities for a patrol officer who knows that the “routine” is anything but routine.
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October 27, 2015

SC teen attempts to run over officer, is fatally shot

Newly released dashcam shows the controversial shooting of teen in a drug sting.
October 26, 2015

Automated Video Redaction (AVR)

As the 122nd annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference (IACP 2015) gets underway, body-worn camera manufacturer Vievu has announced a new software solution for the automatic redaction of video footage.
October 26, 2015

Drunk teenager trashes Mich. police lobby

Officers were letting the teenager wait in a warm lobby for a ride when he trashed the lobby.
October 23, 2015

Sovereign citizen training for LE

A Fla. sheriff's office has released a video on sovereign citizens and how to safely police them.
October 22, 2015

FARO Freestyle 3D X Laser Scanner

The Freestyle 3D X was used for a mock scene in Guam by FARO designer David Dustin of Dustin Forensics.
October 21, 2015

Ga. officer shoots armed man during traffic stop

The officer shot the armed man after he refused to drop his gun.
October 21, 2015

How departments can better investigate college sex crimes

Matt Stiehm discusses the issues that make it harder to investigate sex crimes and how to overcome them.
October 19, 2015

NY cops injured during street fight

Troy police were injured after they tried to break up a fight.
October 19, 2015

11-year-old Conn. girl praised for sketch that led to burglar's arrest

After a string of burglaries cropped up in Rebecca DePietro's neighborhood, she drew a sketch of the suspect that led police to his arrest.

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