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Ill. officer talks to kids about loitering

A viral video getting praise shows Elgin Police Sgt. Erickson talking to teenagers about breaking the law.


New Orleans housing officer shot, killed in cruiser

Around 7 a.m. on Sunday, New Orleans Police Department officers responded to a call to find a Housing Authority of New Orleans officer doing an overtime shift was shot to death in his squad car


New Orleans officer shot, killed in patrol car

45-year-old Housing Authority of New Orleans officer was patrolling a construction site just blocks from Saints' stadium - Full Story


Demystifying the criminal planning cycle Scott Stewart - Tactical Intelligence

Demystifying the criminal planning cycle

Understanding the criminal planning cycle is important, because that understanding can then be used by potential victims and law enforcement officers to look for the various aspects of the cycle as it progresses - Full Story


More border agents assisting local police

Despite beliefs that they aren't adequately trained to do so, they've been assisting with serving warrants and other duties.


Throwback: 1950s 'Ford and the Highway Patrol'

Commercial produced by Ford in the 1950s highlighting the company's relationship with the North Carolina Highway Patrol and law enforcement agencies nationwide.


Police capture lion cub in cruiser

Police responded to calls of a stray lion cub on the loose in the streets of Kuwait. Officers managed to capture the cub and place it in a patrol vehicle.


Robot could tackle dangerous situations

Footage of a remotely controlled robot that could help law enforcement with dangerous tasks.



TASER, the market leader in on-officer cameras, created the new AXON body for agencies that value a simpler camera option at a lower price point. The sleek design, wide-angle lens, and automated workflows allow for wearability and easy deployment.


Texas cop attacked by monkey at traffic stop

A rookie police officer was caught off guard Wednesday when a pet monkey jumped on his hand as he wrote a traffic citation.

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