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April 03, 2012

Ballistic Shields for the Patrol Officer Secure - Login Required

Scott Reidy from Sig Sauer Academy talks about bringing ballistic shields to patrol and which techniques he teaches in his classes.
Ballistic Shields for the Patrol Officer
March 23, 2012

New Malaysian 2011 Concept RMP Patrol Car Featuring a Setina Push Bumper

Malaysian Police choose Setina high quality Push Bumpers for their police force!
October 25, 2011

K9TacOps - High Risk Patrol Deployment

In this segment, Brad Smith of Canine Tactical Operations discusses the importance of integrated team training for high risk deployments. Smith reviews the role of the dog and offers quick tips for deployments.
August 03, 2011

Motorola Solutions Presents the Next Generation Police Patrol Vehicle

Step into the Next Generation Police Patrol Vehicle from Motorola Solutions at APCO 2011. Featuring a next generation cockpit that includes video recording, public safety broadband, live streaming video, integrated radio, lights, siren and more.
July 20, 2011

Keeping Law Enforcement Safer with Patrol Witness

Police Officers are on the front line. Often times having clear video evidence of a stop can make the difference between conviction or having a wrong doer go free. But more importantly, it can make the difference in an officers safety. Patrol Witness from 247 is a digital video system that addresses these issues and has proven successful around the country.
May 17, 2011

Ken Oldright: Seattle Port Police Marine Patrol Unit

This segment provides an overview of how Seattle Port Police overcome maritime obstacles. While the job is still the same as a patrol officer, adding the element of water creates new challenges.
April 18, 2011

Jeff Hoyne: Seattle port police bike patrol

After watching this video, you will better understand day-to-day patrol tactics used by the Washington State Port Authority.
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April 14, 2011

Corona Solutions - Ops Force - Actionable Knowledge Delivered

OpsForce Deploy helps you match your patrol resources to your workload. See how.
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April 01, 2011

Off-Road Motorcycle Riding from PoliceTrainingFilms.com

Off-road motorcycle riding
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