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Product Review: CompStock from Knoxx Industrires

Among several other products, Knoxx Industries produces the CompStock which is recoil reducing shotgun stock. Reduced recoil translates to better control and faster follow up shots. Additionally, officers are less likely to shy away from training if they are less intimidated.

The unit is a two piece stock with internal roller and cam lever that is attached to a strong extension spring. As the spring is extended, it absorbs the energy of the recoil and slows the recoil cycle down dramatically. The energy in the spring is then used to pull the gun back into its original firing position. Their specifications state that the device actually compresses up to an 1-1/4 inches during recoil.

The CompStock is available for 12-gauge Remington 870 Series pump shotguns, except the 3-1/2 chambered Special Purpose model; all Mossberg 500 and 590 variants, 835 and Maverick 88 models; and the Winchester 1200 and 1300 series pump shotguns. They are not made for semi-autos because most recoil-operated shotguns would not function due to the recoil-absorbing characteristics of the CompStock and gas-operated semi-auto guns usually have a long bolt return spring in their buttstock that would interfere with the mechanism.

The kit includes also a soft rubber butt pad, and a replacement short forend. The CompStock has a rubber overmolded grip area with palm swells for improved grip. Installation is done by simply replacing the gun’s stock and takes only a few minutes.

According to Knoxx, the recoil reducing system actually slows the entire recoil cycle down and absorbs more than 54% of the net peak recoil. In range testing, I found the that the CompStock did take the sharpness out of the recoil and the reduced recoil made shooting much more pleasant. The CompStock has earned a permanent place on my shotgun. $119.95 — DK

Knoxx Industries - www.knoxx.com - 877-465-6699

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