Belgium: Goodbye to a colleague who died in service

Officer Down: Gil Duquesnoy - [Jemappes, Belgium, ]

Biographical Info

Age: 32

Additional Info: Inspector Duquesnoy leaves behind a wife and three children.

Incident Details

Cause of Death: Inspector Duquesnoy was killed in an accident.

Date of Incident: July 24, 2005

Translation of the French text by Johanne Tinck,  La Dernière Heure 2005 

JEMAPPES - Gil Duquesnoy was the victim of road accident which occurred at 03h30 Wednesday. The police inspector, 32 years old, leaves behind a wife and three children. Officers gathered in a crammed church to say goodbye to their colleague. His three children, on the arm of their mom, followed their dad to his last residence.

A colleague tearfully evoked the career of Gil, “. . .you will always remain with us. When we meet, we will always have a thought for you." The priest affirmed, "To die on the side of God is a victory over death." At the exit of the church, there were many who didn’t know the inspector but wanted to be there ... "I find that one does not think enough of the fact that the police officers are there for us. I am present to pay homage to him.”

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