State Department issues worldwide terror caution

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON- Americans around the world remain under threat of attack from al-Qaida and groups associated with the network headed by Osama bin Laden, the State Department said Tuesday.

Current information suggests attacks are planned in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the department said in a statement designed to heighten vigilance.

The bombings last month in London and in March 2004 in Madrid are a reminder that terrorists may strike at public transportation systems, the department said. And, it said, extremists also may select aviation and marine services as targets.

Turmoil in Iraq is likely to pose a potential trigger for violence against Americans, and elections scheduled for next month in Afghanistan may also spark anti-American action, the statement said.

In issuing the worldwide caution, the department said its purpose was to bring information on a continuing threat up to date. The last worldwide caution was issued in March.

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