DA denies report to injured officer

By Amanda Lehmert and George Brennan, Cape Cod Times

FALMOUTH, MA - A police officer who has waited 26 years to find out who pulled the trigger on a shotgun that shattered his jaw - and his life - will leave Cape Cod today without an official answer to that haunting question.

Former Falmouth police officer John Busby will leave the Cape without police records explaining who shot him 26 years ago. Former Falmouth police officer John Busby, 62, with his wife, Polly, at his side, met with Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O'Keefe for a half-hour yesterday afternoon to discuss O'Keefe's unwillingness to release the report that includes a confession to the Busby shooting.

In that 2003 report, John Reine of East Falmouth confessed to police that he drove the car while his brother Melvin shot Busby twice in the face with a borrowed shotgun. Busby was driving down Sandwich Road to work the night shift on Aug. 31, 1979, when the shooting occurred.

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