Colo. detective ambushed

Officer Down: Michael Thomas - [Aurora, Colorado]


Biographical Info

Age: 52

Additional Info: Detective Michael Thomas had served with the Aurora Police Department for 24 years.

Incident Details

Cause of Death: Thomas was shot and killed by a suspect as he was waiting for a traffic light.

Date of Incident: September 20, 2006


Colo. detective ambushed

By John C. Ensslin and Javier Erik Olvera
Rocky Mountain News

AURORA - A decorated police detective was shot to death Wednesday and police said the man they arrested was already being sought in a random shooting in Denver two days earlier.

Michael D. Thomas, 52, a 24-year veteran of the Aurora Police Department, was on a lunch break during a daylong training exercise when he was shot in the left side while waiting for the light to change on Peoria Street at Montview Boulevard.

It wasn't clear whether the suspect realized that Thomas was a police officer. Thomas was on duty at the time but wearing civilian clothes in his own personal vehicle.

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