Ga. traffic stop turns into $3.5 million coke bust

George Childi; Staff
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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A routine traffic stop turned into a huge drug bust Friday night. Gwinnett County police found $3.5 million in cocaine hidden in a truck cops had impounded for safety violations.

The county's commercial vehicle enforcement unit had no idea what was in the truck when they stopped the driver on I-85 near Indian Trail Lilburn Road, police spokesman Darren Moloney said.

"I wouldn't call it an accident," Moloney said. "I would call it an example of good police work."

The cops don't have the driver, though. Police released the driver with a citation before they hauled the truck back to police headquarters. Police wouldn't detain a driver for safety violations, Moloney said.

After police impounded the vehicle, an inventory search of the truck turned up 29 kilograms of cocaine hidden in the truck's sleeper compartment.

Police believe the license the driver presented was phony. It isn't clear whether the police checked the license against the police database before releasing the driver, Moloney said. Police also aren't sure whether the driver knew the drugs were in the truck. But if he did, he probably has bigger problems now.

The cops, however, do want a word with him . . . if he's not already long gone. Police described him as a middle-aged Hispanic male. 

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