S.C. cop stunned by his own TASER

The Associated Press

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C.- A man has been arrested at a North Charleston concert and charged with resisting arrest in an incident in which a police officer was stunned with his own Taser.

Officers at a Widespread Panic concert Friday tried to arrest the man after another man said he had been assaulted.

Police say a female officer ordered 19-year-old Thomas Carpenter Neal of Columbia, Georgia, to go outside, but he refused. Police say when the officer returned with a male colleague, the man
punched her.

The male officer then used a Taser, but the man kicked him and they wrestled. A police report says the officer used the Taser again, but during the struggle the man used the weapon on the officer.

Neal is charged with two counts of assault on a police officer and one count of resisting arrest.

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