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Chicago institute offers recommendations concerning joint operations task forces

By Paulo Anderson, Metro Correspondent
CHICAGO- ERRI spokesman and former emergency services chief, Clark Staten, today issued a recommendation concerning providing law enforcement, evacuation, and emergency medical services to the stricken neighborhoods.

Staten said that the idea is one that worked in Los Angeles during the Rodney King Unrest, and during disturbances in Chicago following several Chicago Bulls victories. Staten said it might prove useful in New Orleans. 

Staten said that the idea involves the use of "joint response teams" which include a:
[1] security element (law enforcement/military), [2] EMS (medical) element, and a [3] firefighting and rescue element. 

These joint task forces could be dispatched via helicopter or by (pontoon) boat to neighborhoods where the greatest need exists. Additional resources would then dispatched as needed after initial outposts have been established and secured.  Staten said that this other strategies are being developed by ERRI emergency service and disaster analysts and passed on to those who might be able to utilize them to help the citizens of New Orleans.  More as it happens...

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