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Hurricane Help List is on the way...

First, on behalf of the emergency first responders working so hard at hurricane ground zero, I want to extend heartfelt thanks to the scores of P-1 members who sent offers of assistance to the Hurricane Help Line.

You selflessly offered to drop everything and head to the site to lend manpower and support.

You offered to send gear, supplies, and money wherever it was needed and in whatever amount.

You even offered to open your homes to officers' families so your brothers and sisters in blue could stand their posts knowing that their loved ones were being cared for.

You are what being a law enforcement officer is all about, and we are tremendously proud to have you as members.

The Hurricane Help List has been forwarded to PoliceOne Member Tony Christiana, Commander of Operations for the Gretna (LA) PD, which is directly across the river from New Orleans. Tony is letting agencies in the area know of the list and will act as the coordinator of its dissemination. We will continue to forward e-mails that come in with offers of help to Tony and, through him, other agencies in the crisis area.

Speaking for the entire PoliceOne team, thank you.

Scott Buhrmaster
Managing Editor

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