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PIPS Introduces New Portable Law Enforcement ALPR Offering

PIPS Technology, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of automated license plate recognition (ALPR) technology, introduces a new portable camera mount option to its award-winning PAGIS (Police ALPR Graphical Interface System) platform of products currently in use at agencies nationwide.

The new portable mount allows for easy and rapid deployment of an ALPR system to any vehicle, and enables agencies to operate in covert operations using unmarked vehicles. Compared to the traditional (fixed) lightbar mount offered by PIPS, the new portable mount is used to secure the dual channel P362 ALPR camera to the vehicle window. A ruggedized laptop, or existing MDT, inside the vehicle performs the optical character recognition and database matching via the PAGIS software interface.

The new portable system further complements PIPS’ complete offering of fixed and mobile ALPR cameras, processors, OCR engines, and software interfaces. PIPS designs and manufactures all major system components to insure optimal performance.

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