Hostage escapes and man surrenders after holing up in N.J. jewelry store

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JERSEY CITY, New Jersey- A man who took a jewelry store owner hostage and kept police at bay for more than six hours surrendered Wednesday night, a few hours after the hostage escaped with the help of a police negotiator.

Authorities said the hostage taker and another man had tried to rob the store, and one of them got into a tussle with the owner while the other attacked the owner's wife. The woman escaped and alerted police as her assailant ran off.

The man left inside the store told officers he had a grenade and threatened to use it. But the police negotiator distracted the man with an offer of water, allowing the hostage to escape.

The suspect remained holed up for about three more hours _ until he was told police would send in a German shepherd. He quickly agreed to surrender, police said.

Authorities recovered a device and determined that it was fake, city spokesman Stan Eason said. A knife and a fake gun were also recovered.

The store owner was taken to a hospital but appeared to be in good condition, Police Chief Robert Troy said.


Associated Press Writer Jeffrey Gold in Jersey City contributed to this story.

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