Psychics aid Maine police in search for missing teen

By Anne Gleason, Staff Writer
Portland Press Herald

Buxton Police Department investigators recently began working with mediums, or psychics, in their search for missing Buxton teenager Coreen Wiese, who disappeared Nov. 8.

Buxton police Officer Mike Grovo said he spent about three hours with a psychic Thursday searching a 40-mile area. Grovo said they did not find anything helpful to the case, but investigators would likely continue talking with one or two of the people who have been in contact with the department.

"It shows we're still looking," Grovo said. "The goal is to find Coreen."

Wiese's parents reported their 15-year-old daughter missing after she did not return home from Bonny Eagle High School on Nov. 8. A witness reported seeing the girl at about 11:30 a.m. that day at the Route 25 bridge over the Saco River. Later in the day she was seen at a billiards hall near the bridge.

At one point, the search for Wiese involved more than a dozen FBI agents, in addition to state and local officials. FBI agents in Portland are still assisting with the case.

The psychics, Grovo said, are an additional resource in the search. Grovo declined to provide the names of the psychics, saying the individuals have asked for privacy. An individual close to the case provided the department with the names of the psychics, Grovo said.

He said he spoke with both ahead of time to evaluate their credibility. The person who assisted with the search Thursday is not familiar with the area but was able to provide specific information about certain areas in Buxton, he said.

Grovo said it is his understanding that the psychic believes the areas she described could be relevant to the case. He called her "very sincere."

Grovo said this is his first time working with a psychic on an investigation.

"This is a new experience for me. It is another resource," he said. "We haven't given up.

"I want to make sure they're credible. ... I have to screen everything," he added. "I believe there's something to it."

Wiese is a sophomore at Bonny Eagle High School. Officials have largely focused their search for her along the banks of the river. On Nov. 10, members of a search party found her cell phone and MP3 player near the Route 25 bridge. Officers also discovered a note scratched into one of the steel beams of the bridge with the letters "RIP" and "CW."

Police initially thought Wiese might have jumped into the river, though the search has turned up nothing. Her parents have said they do not believe Wiese would have committed suicide.

The Maine Warden Service continues to fly over the Saco River about two to three times a week and still has game wardens searching the area by foot, said Warden Service spokesman Mark Latti.

Wiese's father, Wesley, said Grovo has kept the family up to date on the search. Wiese said he is open to any methods for finding his daughter and is still confident she will be found.

"We are open to anything - after a month, we have to be," Wiese said. "I'm sure that they're doing everything they can. If it means taking an avenue that isn't normally gone down in finding my daughter, anything will help because it's a mystery where she is."

Anyone with information about the case should contact the Buxton Police Department at 929-5151 or 929-6612.

This Sunday, a short spot about Wiese's disappearance is scheduled to be shown during the CBS program "Without a Trace."

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