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5 officers die in deadly 3-day period

The last three days have served as brutal reminders of the wide variety of dangers faced in the field. In that short period of time, five officers have died in different tragedies, making it the second deadliest three-day period this year.

34-year-old Deputy Kevin Elium from Tulare Co. (CA) SO died on October 7 from injuries suffered after the patrol car he and the department's chaplain were riding in struck a tree on the way to backing another deputy.

That same day, 34-year-old Deputy Shad Bassett from Pulaski Co. (IN) SD, a husband and father of three, was killed when his patrol unit also hit a tree.

The following day, October 8, Patrolman Jose Diaz with Ft. Lauderdale (FL) PD, a 37-year-old husband and father of two, was killed after falling 100-feet off an overpass while backing other officers on a felony stop.

That same day, 45-year-old Officer Michael Saffran with Chesapeake (VA) PD was shot and killed when a hostage-taker fired on officers who pursued him after he robbed a bank. Michael leaves behind his wife and two children.

Yesterday, October 9, Officer Matt Redding with Rocklin (CA) PD died when a drunk driver slammed into him while the officer was picking up cones at a traffic checkpoint.

The thoughts and prayers of the PoliceOne team go out to the families, friends and fellow officers of these men. Sharing the words of our "officer down" tribute:

"As you remember these fallen officers, take comfort in recalling that they dedicated their lives to the same principles of honor, duty and courage that brought you to the badge. Such a life is truly rich. Take strength in knowing that when an officer falls, our resolve to serve those in need is not diminished. Our dedication to protecting those in danger is not weakened. Our commitment to remembering those with whom we shared the badge does not fade.

"God speed, brothers. You fought the good fight. Now rest in peaceā€¦"

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