NYC rapist posed as law officer to win victims' trust before attacks, prosecutors say

NEW YORK (AP) -- A rapist lured victims by posing as a law-enforcement officer _ flashing an identification card, talking into a radio and saying he needed to take them for questioning, prosecutors said.

After taking the women to motels, Eric McCoy threatened to arrest or shoot them and forced them to have sex, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Thursday.

Authorities said McCoy, 37, used his real name during an attack, allowing them to trace him through past arrest records. He was arrested Wednesday on charges including rape and criminal impersonation in two attacks and was being held until arraignment, Brown said.

Brown said McCoy used the victims' trust of police "to disarm them of any natural suspicions of strangers."

According to Brown, McCoy approached women and girls on the street and told them he was an investigator, showed the ID card and talked into a two-way radio to imply that he was communicating with other authorities. He told them to come with him for questioning, saying they were in serious trouble, Brown said.

On Dec. 4, McCoy met up with a 27-year-old woman and planted what appeared to be marijuana in her bag, Brown said. On Tuesday he accosted a 17-year-old girl, searching her backpack and temporarily taking her ID and cell phone, the district attorney said.

Under the guise of questioning the victims, McCoy took them to motels, sometimes saying the inns were being used for surveillance, Brown said. Threatening to arrest or shoot them, he forced the women to have sex with him, the district attorney said.

Brown said McCoy also approached a 15-year-old girl with similar claims on Jan. 2, but another woman called police.

No telephone number for McCoy was listed at the address provided by prosecutors.

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