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Gamber-Johnson Introduces In-Dash Solution for Public Safety

Two new space saving in-dash computer mounting systems designed for the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor are now available.

The new in-dash mounting systems designed for the Panasonic PDRC (Item No. NP-PDRC-DASH) and Motorola MW800 (Item No. NP-MW800-DASH) installs directly into the Ford Crown Victoria’s radio cavity. The in-dash mounting systems are air bag compliant and provide ample room between the front seats and dash area without obstructing one’s view. Additionally, the in-dash system leaves plenty of room for other equipment, such as a console box to be mounted between the seats of the Crown Victoria.

Additional key product features of the in-dash radio cavity computer mounting system include:

  • The in-dash mounting system attaches to pre-existing holes for ease of installation.
  • The in-dash mounting design eliminates the need for a pole mounted computer system creating additional room in the vehicle’s cabin for other equipment.
  • Replacement dash trim panel is provided. When the computer mounting system is installed, the original manufacturer’s panel can be completely removed and stored while the trim provided by Gamber-Johnson is installed. This eliminates the need to cut the factory trim panel which results in improved aesthetics and resale value of the vehicle.
  • The system positions the computer screen at optimum viewing level while reducing viewer strain.
  • May be used with existing consoles mounted in the vehicle.
  • Optional radio relocate box provides a convenient location for radio and A/C controls. Because this box mounts directly under the dash of the Ford Crown Victoria, disconnecting HVAC controls is not necessary (Item No. MCS-RELOBOX)

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