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Gamber-Johnson Introduces Dodge Charger Police Package

Gamber-Johnson Offers Industry Leading Mounting Package for Dodge Charger Police Vehicle

Stevens Point, WI – Gamber-Johnson, renowned manufacturer of mobile docking stations announces the release of its newly available low profile console box accessory package designed specifically for the Dodge Charger Police Vehicle.

As law enforcement agencies increasingly adopt the Dodge Charger as a fleet vehicle, mounting systems need to adhere and perform to the compact technology advancements such as remote siren-heads and radios now being utilized in the vehicle.

Additionally, the design of the Dodge Charger includes both an elevated top plate and between-the-seat positioning which creates mounting hardware height limitations.

In cooperation with several Minneapolis/St. Paul-based public safety departments, Gamber-Johnson gained field-tested product performance approval.

“Law Enforcement agencies require solutions which offer enhanced functionality without compromising personal safety, and this was the basis behind the design. The new Dodge Charger Police Package enables optimal computer positioning without obstructing vision or blind spot zones. Additionally, the console box’s slanted design sits low between the seats and allows clearance for easy radio viewing.” explains Jennifer Guerndt, Gamber-Johnson product manager.

The need for a performance-driven console box adhering to the Charger’s unique in-vehicle design served as the impetus behind Gamber-Johnson’s newly available low profile console box. Now, with the introduction of the Dodge Charge Police Package, law enforcement can benefit from a heavy-duty, space-saving low profile total solution designed specifically for this vehicle’s cabin.

For added convenience, each component of the Dodge Charger Police Package is purchased separately. Available components include:

  • Low profile console box (Item No. MCS-LOWBOX)
  • Computer mounting system enabling flexible positioning and ample clearance (Item No. DS-POLE-CTR)
  • Universal dual steel cup-holder (Item No. MCS-CUPHOLD2)
  • Heavy-duty flip-up armrest (Item No. MCS-ARMREST5)
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