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Safe Restraints Announces Sale to Stockton Police Department

Safe Restraints, the Utah based maker of the Wrap, announced the sale of 19 additional Wraps to Stockton Police Department, Stockton, California. The company's website, www.saferestraints.com, contains information about the Wrap.

Captain Troy Broddrick explained the need for the Wraps in his department:

"As a use of force trainer, I examined several leg restraint systems. Our agency chose The Wrap to meet our needs. We purchased our first unit in 1997 and we now have 57 deployed throughout our patrol division. Our finance department now includes the cost of The Wrap into the purchase of new or additional patrol cars with the intent of outfitting every marked unit with a Wrap in the trunk."

Captain Troy Broddrick
Stockton Police Department
Stockton, CA

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