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K-FORCE™ Duty Accessories - Now with Hidden Snaps

K-FORCE Since Gould & Goodrich first introduced K-FORCE Duty Gear in 2001 the response has been overwhelming making it one of the most popular product lines. What could Gould & Goodrich do to make it better? Customers responded by asking for hidden snaps. You asked for it - so now most K-FORCE Duty Accessories are now available with hidden snaps.

Constructed of a weatherproof polymer laminate the K-FORCE duty accessories not only look great, but also are durable and scuff-resistant.

Just like the original K-FORCE accessories, these are hard molded to take tough punishment and survive! K-FORCE Duty Gear is duty gear built to last.

To receive a free new catalog of products in leather, nylon and synthetics, write to Gould & Goodrich, 709 E. McNeil Street, Lillington, North Carolina, 27546, USA. Call 1-800-277-0732 or E-MAIL gouldusa@gouldusa.com.

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