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Coban Research and Technologies Announces the TopCam G2 Digital Video Recorder

TopCam G2 The New Coban TopCam G2 stand alone digital video recorder provides unlimited flexibility. With the new 6.4” touch screen information can be entered and associated with each video making searches easier and more efficient.


  • Mobile Pentium 4 Technology
  • MPEG 1,2,4
  • Programmable Delayed Triggers
  • 6.4” Touch screen monitor
  • MnStar Compatible
  • Wireless Ready
  • Interfaces with Laptop/MDT
  • Console mountable recorder
  • Wireless, Wired, Removable Hard drive upload
  • Optional GPS
  • Programmable Pre/Post Event Recording
  • Playback/Record Simultaneously
  • Record/Stream Simultaneously
  • Programmable Delayed Triggers
  • CAD/RMS Compatibility
  • Easy to enter data
  • Remote Viewing Capability
  • Programmable Auto Zoom
  • Data File Protection
  • Power Surge Protection and Smart Power Monitoring
  • Battery Backup
  • Multiple Programmable Triggers
  • Dual Simultaneous Recordings
  • Dual Wireless Microphone Capability
For more information, please call 281.277.8288 or visit www.cobantech.com

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