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Coban Research and Technologies Announces the VMDT G2 CPU/Video Recorder

VMDT G2 The New Coban VMDT G2 is the only fully integrated CPU/Video Recorder. G2 offers reliability, flexibility and increased performance. G2 runs cooler and faster enabling users to multitask and operate quickly.


  • Infrared Touch Screen
  • Windows OS
  • Mobile Pentium 4 Technology
  • MPEG 1,2,4
  • Programmable Delayed Triggers
  • 12” Sunlight Readable
  • MnStar Compatible
  • Wireless Ready
  • Console mountable recorder
  • Wireless, Wired, Removable Hard drive upload
  • Optional GPS
  • Programmable Auto Zoom
  • Data File Protection
  • Power Surge Protection and Smart Power Monitoring
  • Battery Backup
  • Multiple Programmable Triggers
  • Dual Simultaneous Recordings
  • Dual Wireless Microphone Capability
  • Runs Windows based applications
  • Programmable Pre/Post Event Recording
  • Playback/Record Simultaneously
  • Record/Stream Simultaneously
  • Programmable Delayed Triggers
  • CAD/RMS Compatibility
  • Easy to enter data
  • Remote Viewing Capability
For more information, please call 281.277.8288 or visit www.cobantech.com

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