Former LA officer says he might have made incriminating footprint


A former police officer testified that he might have left the bloody footprint that was used as key evidence in convicting a man of killing his mother 20 years ago.

"I don't know for sure that I did, but it's possible that I may have" left the print, George Prado testified Monday. He has since left the Los Angeles Police Department and is now a sheriff's deputy.

Prado and another officer said they walked around near the body of Dorka Lisker, 66, while trying to secure the crime scene at the woman's San Fernando home in 1983.

The officers' testimony came in a federal court evidentiary hearing for 40-year-old Bruce Lisker, who was convicted in 1985 of fatally beating and stabbing his mother. He is trying to have the conviction overturned.

Lisker has maintained he came home to find his mother had been attacked.

On Friday, police Sgt. Jim Gavin said he recently had a bloody footprint found at the murder scene analyzed -- something that had not been done 22 years ago -- and experts determined it didn't match Lisker's shoe.

The prosecutor at the time told jurors the print came from Lisker's shoe.

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