SF captain in video demands apology

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SAN FRANCISCO- The highest-ranking San Francisco police officer facing suspension in connection with video skits that city officials have labeled sexist and racist accused Mayor Gavin Newsom and Police Chief Heather Fong of smearing his name and demanded a public apology.

Capt. Rick Bruce, 49, has been on leave from the Bayview station for the past four months for reasons unrelated to the videos. One of the skits shows several people, including other officers, a homeless woman and a transgender person, rolling their tongues suggestively and saying, "Oh, captain." The video shows Bruce flicking his tongue in separate shots in return.

In a press conference at his lawyer's office, Bruce said today that the shots of him were old footage from training videos, in which he would roll his tongue to signal that he had made a mistake and needed to reshoot a scene. He said he had no idea a Bayview station officer had edited the footage into the video skit.

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