T.X.: Officer is home, with 'God's blessing and luck'

By Holly Yan, The Dallas Morning News

T.X.-- Propping himself up on a hospital bed, his gunshot wounds heavily bandaged, Officer Mark Rickerman looked a lot like his best friend did two years ago. When his partner, Officer Eddie Coffey, took a bullet to his forearm while bursting into a hostage situation, Officer Rickerman stood by his side every night he was in the hospital. "After that happened, Eddie was kind of like my hero," Officer Rickerman said.

Last week, the roles were reversed. Officer Rickerman was shot three times during an undercover investigation by a teenager who robbed him at gunpoint. This time, Officer Coffey has been the one at his bedside every night for the past week. Officer Rickerman was released Friday.

He narrowly avoided being the third area officer killed in the line of duty in less than three weeks.

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