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Dummies Unlimited Introduces Dyno-Flex Practice Batons

Known for their products that improve training and reduce injuries, Dummies Unlimited, Inc., now offers a new practice baton that is revolutionizing the training baton industry.

Used by FLETC, NYPD, Chicago PD, and hundreds of training academies worldwide, the new Dyno-Flex Practice Batons significantly reduce injuries and improve training because they do not require a rigid PVC core.

Most traditional practice batons are designed with a rigid PVC core wrapped with foam. This ill fated design results in a high frequency of broken batons, premature "blowouts", unrealistic fat batons, and significant traumatic injuries to officers, regardless of whether their wearing a padded suit or not!

Dyno-Flex Practice batons are slender and realistic, yet flexible enough not to create injury to Unpadded or unprotected arms or legs! This adds to realism in scenario based training. Standard sizes include 21", 24", 26", 29". Ring holders and baton collars are also available.

These batons are changing the practice baton industry because they are Less Traumatic, More Durable, More Realistic and Less Expensive than traditional practice batons.

See it in action at: www.DummiesUnlimited.com/dynoflexl.htm

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