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Local cop news with Capt. Mike Williams: 12.20.05 report

An off-duty Indiana state trooper shot and killed a man who tried to kick in the front door of the trooper's home Monday morning.

SWAT deputy’s career on hold.
A year ago, Deputy Sean Pearce pulled back the curtain in a cramped mobile home in east Mesa and was dropped by a gunman’s bullet.
His body has healed. The man who pulled the trigger has been sent to prison. But Pearce’s career remains paralyzed.

Brevard deputy shoots, kills suspect.
Knife-wielding man was inside mobile home near Palm Bay.

Hasty decision-making and a breakdown in communications were primary factors in the deaths of two Phoenix police officers who were gunned down in an apartment-complex shootout 16 months ago, according to an internal report released late Thursday.

New Orleans:
The SWAT team:
As hell unfolds, SWAT team dives in to save terrified residents.
The SWAT team is the unit in the NOPD that you don't see until it gets ugly. Really ugly. And when they come, they hit hard.
It was their job during the crisis to buffer the gaps between the toughs on the streets and the NOPD's district cops.

Man Trades Gunshots With Tomah Police.

Maricopa County civil jury ordered former Phoenix Coyote Brad May to pay a sheriff's sergeant $26,570 for punching him at a Scottsdale nightclub.

Bad guys still have firepower edge on some cops.
Almost a decade after one of the most notorious cop shootings in law enforcement history, police in some South Florida departments are still outgunned by criminals.

A Fulton County grand jury charged a former Atlanta police officer with murder in the death of an 18-year-old whom the officer stopped in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood.

Licensed to kill.
The Bali bombings and the war on terror have led Australia SAS to resume joint training exercises with Indonesia's most feared army unit.

Former resident killed by police Taser.
“He assaulted the officers and knocked two of them to the ground,” said Sonoma Sheriff's Lt. Roger Rude. “They got him handcuffed and he was put in maximum restraint from kicking and they moved him to the front of the residence. He went into medical distress.”
(Note from Capt. Williams: I think this headline is a bit misleading and presumptive.)

Man Bites Police Officer While Being Arrested.
Responding Officers Use Pepper Spray To Suppress The Suspect.

Las Vegas:
An investigation is underway after a man was shot and killed by police.

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