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Local cop news with Capt. Mike Williams: 01.09.06 report

Renton officer shot, wounded after approaching four people in strip-mall parking lot.

Despite deputy's shooting, wife craved police career.

Taser dismissed from Texas death suit.

Los Angeles:
Deputy Kills Fugitive After Escape Attempt.

Deputy says man who shot him should never get out of jail. A Polk deputy watches from a wheelchair as the man who put him there is sentenced.

Police use Taser on knife woman.

Autopsy, Waukegan cops at odds on fatal standoff. Report indicates no cuts on man's chest.

New York:
Deadly force by police scrutinized in shooting. Opinions diverge in death of 56-year-old city man.

San Antonio Rampage and the San Antonio PD's SWAT Team swap weapons--hockey sticks and guns--as they trade spaces for two days next week.

North Carolina:
Investigators found about 22 shell casings at scene of a deadly shooting. Investigators found about 22 shell casings at scene of a deadly shooting by a deputy in Vista last summer ---- a shooting at which the deputy carried a gun that held a maximum of 16 rounds.

Deputy who shot teen nearly lost job earlier in his career. His personnel record shows the 13-year veteran later became a model employee.

New York:
Probe of police shooting in Yonkers continues.

Death of a man Tasered on Christmas Eve has stirred up outrage in a city woman who is now demanding a fatality inquiry in the case of her brother.

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