Simple traffic stop yields lots of pot

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Once driver started talking, officials quickly sought dealer

Jan. 10, 2006

The five felony charges, which accuse him of being a significant marijuana dealer, would not have been possible if a Waukesha County sheriff's deputy hadn't stopped another man's car.

That driver began talking after the traffic stop turned into a drunken driving arrest. It led to the discovery of more than $15,000 and a half-pound of marijuana in the speeder's car, court records show.

According to public records and recent court testimony, one thing led to another pretty fast. Within 21 hours, a tactical unit and narcotics officers were rummaging through Hartman's home, gathering up the marijuana and money that resulted in him sitting in jail.

Narcotics investigators typically spend months, not hours, working their way into position to make a big bust. But in this case, investigators moved swiftly, seizing more than 40 pounds of marijuana, $204,000 in cash and two vehicles.

Moreover, Hartman wasn't even on their radar before that day, according to one investigator.

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