Professor bites Fla. officer

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- A Michigan State University professor whose wife coaches the women's basketball team was arrested on an assault charge after he emptied a trash bin, swung it at an officer and bit him on the finger at an airport, police said.

John Douglas McCallie, a 56-year-old associate professor of economics, was charged with felony counts of battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence, and a misdemeanor count of breach of peace.

McCallie landed Wednesday with his wife, Spartans women's coach Joanne McCallie.
According to an airport police report, the incident took place after one of the couple's bags did not arrive in the baggage claim. Airline officials told the couple they needed baggage claim stubs to find the lost luggage.

McCallie then reportedly went to a trash can where he had thrown out the stubs.

"McCallie started dumping out the trash looking for the tag," said Bob Mattingly, the airport's vice president of operations and maintenance.

"One of the police officers approached him and said, 'What are you doing' and 'Please clean it up.'

"Then the man just flipped out."

Police said McCallie refused to clean up the mess, then began yelling obscenities and swinging the trash can at the officer.

When Officer George Munkelwitz attempted to handcuff him, McCallie slapped his hand away. The two began to struggle and ended up on the ground, where the professor bit the officer's finger when he tried to grab his wrist, airport police said.

McCallie reportedly would not let go and was subdued when the officer pressed a pressure point behind his ear.

Munkelwitz sought medical treatment for the bite, a report said.

McCallie was released on a $2,700 bond.


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