1 officer shot, 2 officers slashed in New York

P-1 Editor's Note --

What happens if you do get cut by an edged weapon:

• Do not panic
• Consciously make yourself breath slower (autogenic breathing)
• Inspect yourself and look for injuries seen and more importantly not seen
• Apply direct pressure to wounds
• If injury are to limbs, elevate if possible
• If you have a chest wound, seal it and protect your airway in case you go unconscious, you don’t want to drown in your own blood
• If you have a punctured lung, exhale first and use an air tight article to cover and seal the wound
• Mental commitment “ I’m going to Live”

Thanks to Darren Laur, with the Victoria, BC PD and head instructor of Personal Protection Systems Inc. He has trained extensively in a variety of combat forms and specializes in reality based application and instruction.

By Bill Mason

NEW YORK — A New York City police officer was shot in a gun battle last night in Harlem, and two cops were slashed in Brooklyn - one in the head and the other in the hand, police said.

The officer in Harlem was shot twice in the torso; his wounds are not believed to be life-threatening, police said. He was taken to New York-Presbyterian Hospital for treatment.

"Obviously we're very concerned about his condition," said police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who visited the wounded officer at the hospital.

A suspect was also wounded and was in critical condition last night at Harlem Hospital, police said.

Neither the officer nor the suspect was identified last night.

The shooting happened on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard between 135th and 136th streets, police said.

Few details were available on the 10:52 p.m. incident in East New York in which the two officers were slashed on a train platform in East New York, at East New York Avenue and Broadway, police said.

One suspect was taken into custody and was in critical condition, police said, at an unidentified hospital. The officers were taken to Jamaica Hospital in stable condition, police said.

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