Courageous N.Y. rookie stabbed in head never cowered

Editor's Note -- Being aware of the ways in which a person may deploy an edged weapon may give you the advantage to with the encounter:

  • Listen for the unsnapping of a button on a knife case
  • Listen for Velcro opening
  • Listen for the click of a lock blade
  • Movement behind the back
  • Drawing motion of the arm/elbow
  • The way in which a person may be packing a visible knife. A buck knife case that is holstered with the snap opening down lets you know that this person had thought about using gravity to deploy the knife quickly.
  • Palming

P-1 thanks Darren Laur, an edged weapon expert with the Victoria, BC PD and head instructor of Personal Protection Systems Inc. He has trained extensively in a variety of combat forms and specializes in reality based application and instruction.

NY officer never cowered in the face of a madman
The New York
Police yesterday described a rookie cop as a Man of Steel after he showed extraordinary courage by continuing to fight an out-ofcontrol criminal despite getting stabbed through the skull on a Brooklyn subway platform.

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