Officer is accidently shot when draw string gets lodged in trigger

Submitted by:
Judicial Security Inspector Jacques Thibodeaux


This incident involves a Sheriff’s Deputy in Louisiana this past week.  He went to the range and was shooting with a raid jacket (with a draw string) as their policy dictates.  He was using a paddle holster with his duty carry weapon and often uses the same holster for duty carry.

He completed the qualification, reloaded the weapon for duty carry and holstered his weapon at the range.  When he holstered his weapon the draw string attachment became lodged in trigger guard.  This deputy then went some period of time and went home.  When he removed the paddle holster the draw string pulled tight and discharged the weapon with the firearm in the holster.  The deputy was shot in the outer thigh and buttocks.  The deputy will be fine.

Definitely a freak accident, but something we should all be aware of, as we shoot with similar jackets.


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