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Mike Williams' 02.09.06 local cop news

Dallas: Dallas man was in police custody Wednesday morning facing multiple charges related to an eight-hour standoff with police at an eastside apartment complex. Tear gas was utilized, a fire broke out and SWAT officers had to provide cover for Firefighters who put the blaze out.

Georgia: Crisp County -- There are new details about what led to the shooting of a Crisp County Sheriff's Deputy early Saturday morning. We now know the suspect wasn't speeding, or driving erratically.

New York: Officer shot in 'friendly fire' incident dies.

Virginia: 45 year old James Singleton is facing attempted armed robbery charges after his actions led to an officer involved shooting Monday night. Police found he was armed with a BB gun resembling a real pistol, while attempting to rob a Family Dollar store on Creighton Road.

Florida: A Florida Atlantic University police officer who ''feared for her life'' shot a 22-year-old college student who caused a disturbance early this morning at FAU's Boca Raton campus, officials said.

North Carolina: Conflicting information in Peele case sparks city council debate.

Texas: Details of deadly police encounter to be investigated by Texas Rangers.

New Mexico: Neighborhood evacuated during SWAT standoff. Officer wounded serving warrant. 

Michigan: Man chases bar employees with gun. SWAT called to rescue hostage.

Florida: County to Suspend 'Cheating' Sheriff's Deputies.

Indiana: Fort Wayne Police to implement Taser pilot program; NAACP opposed.

San Francisco:   Cab driver misidentified as officer says he fears for safety (part of a series).

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