Police dog's nose leads to arrest in triple murder

DNA testing played a role in the case, but investigators say the old-fashioned skill of a police dog's nose also helped lead to an arrest in a triple murder.

Authorities said this weekend that an 8-year-old German shepherd named Deny searched alleys and backyards near the murder scene in Chicago and found a blue bandanna that eventually was linked to a man who charged in the shootings.

Antonyo Gipson, 23, of Chicago, was charged with three counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder in the Jan. 30 shootings that killed three men and wounded a fourth.

Cook County Judge Raymond Myles on Saturday denied bond for Gipson, who is charged in the deaths of Luis Laboy, Emmanuel Corona and Jose Corona. A telephone listing for an Antonyo Gipson in Chicago could not be found.

Police said the three men and another neighbor, Angel Garay, were repairing a car in a garage when Gipson entered and announced a robbery.

Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Suzanne Collins said in court that the men tried to overpower Gipson, and during the struggle he shot the men.

Emmanuel Corona was pronounced dead at the scene. Laboy and Jose Corona were taken to an area hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Garay, whose wounds were not as serious, was taken to another area hospital and released about a week later.

Collins said witnesses told police they saw a man matching Gipson's description running from the scene after the shootings. Garay also told authorities that the suspect was wearing a bandanna.

Chicago Police Cmdr. Steve Peterson said the police dog was able to trace Gipson's scent to a nearby backyard, where he found the bandanna.

DNA taken from the bandanna allegedly was traced to Gipson's residence, Peterson said.

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