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Mike Williams' Local Cop News: May 30, 2007

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Minnesota: 1 Killed In Officer-Involved Shooting On I-94

Man Shot On I-94 Identified; Was Iraq War Veteran

Texas: Suspect charged in shooting that wounded deputy. Another man critically injured in late-night fray

California: Suspect in deputy's shooting among FBI's Most Wanted

Ohio: Cincinnati chief defends fatal shooting

Tennessee: SRT trains for dangerous situations

Police give details in justifiable shooting

Canada: 15-year-old girl was shot in the arm by officer after police stopped a minivan swerving through the city's streets

Pennsylvania: Police officer 'ambushed'. A manhunt was underway Sunday for a suspect who hit a popular police

California: Man shot by police officer during pursuit

Mississippi: High-tech scanning. Device checks license plates

New Hampshire: Man charged with punching one officer, cutting another

Chicago:Convicted murderer was being treated for a skin disorder when he pulled out a shank, stabbed a guard in the neck, wrestled him for his gun, and fled down the hall. He hijacked a shuttle bus before being stopped


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Mike Williams is the Assistant Chief of the Chattanooga TN police department and a 33 year law enforcement veteran. He was a SWAT officer for more than 25 years and teaches Tactical Team Commanders Courses for Team One Network www.teamonenetwork.com  Asst. Chief Williams is a member of the IALEFI Board of Directors (www.ialefi.com ) and is chairman of the editorial committee. He also produces the daily Police Related News electronic newsletter which goes out to over 2,000 police officers in the US, Canada, Australia and South Africa on a daily basis and the weekly IALEFI newsletter.
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