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Mike Williams' 04.13.06 local cop news

Florida: Judge tosses award in Taser case. The verdict against an Orlando police officer is overturned.

Iraq: (Heads up on this one. This relates to the issue I mentioned a couple of weeks ago dealing with house fires on SWSAT callouts) Marines Ban Polyester Clothing In Iraq.

New York: A City of Poughkeepsie police officer subdued a city man with a Taser Monday afternoon after the suspect allegedly pulled a loaded gun on the officer. (In my humble opinion this is NOT the time for a Taser. Was the Officer lucky?)

Canada: Killings drive bikers into oblivion. Numbers dwindle following an 'internal cleansing' of Bandidos, charges laid against one member and four others in weekend massacre.

Florida: Man 'with a knife' killed by officer.

D.C.: The top police union official in the U.S. was in Washington today, urging the police officer who was involved in a run-in with Rep. Cynthia McKinney D-Ga. to file a lawsuit against the congresswoman.

New York: The death of a 34-year-old police detective who got sick after working at Ground Zero is the first to be positively linked to cleanup at the World Trade Center after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Problems mount from 9/11 fallout. The number of people with medical problems linked to the 9/11 attacks on New York has risen to at least 15,000.

Ohio: Police Officer Fired For Sexual Harassment.

Washington: Police officer settles harassment lawsuit. Volunteer alleged she was dismissed for making complaint after relationship.

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Mike Williams is the Assistant Chief of the Chattanooga TN police department and a 33 year law enforcement veteran. He was a SWAT officer for more than 25 years and teaches Tactical Team Commanders Courses for Team One Network www.teamonenetwork.com  Asst. Chief Williams is a member of the IALEFI Board of Directors (www.ialefi.com ) and is chairman of the editorial committee. He also produces the daily Police Related News electronic newsletter which goes out to over 2,000 police officers in the US, Canada, Australia and South Africa on a daily basis and the weekly IALEFI newsletter.
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