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CryWolf® Provides Complete False Alarm Management Solutions Tailored for Individual Communities

Reduce False Alarms. Improve Officer Safety.

Scarce resources combined with an increased demand for services makes responding to false alarms an extreme burden for public safety agencies.  Responding to false alarms puts officers at risk, injures thousands of people, and costs millions of dollars.  Without effectively managing false alarms, the number of false alarms continues to increase every year.  CryWolf false alarm management solutions have helped hundreds of agencies reduce false alarms, increase fee and fine collections, and improve false alarm administration. 

CryWolf, a patented false alarm management solution, tracks false alarms, processes invoices, and collects payment for jurisdictions of all sizes.  CryWolf has helped more than 165 agencies supporting 400 cities, counties, and other municipalities throughout the United States and Canada reduce false alarms and increase operational efficiencies. 

CryWolf technology can be implemented in one of two ways:  you may purchase CryWolf to be installed and operated at your facility or contract with us to outsource your agency’s false alarm program.  Both approaches use the same robust CryWolf technology and functionality. 

CryWolf supports even the most complex alarm ordinance provisions and can easily adapt to policy changes. The system integrates with your CAD system to receive alarm incident information and your existing alarm information can be easily converted to the CryWolf database.  

Crywolf Components for a Successful False Alarm Management Program

Alarm Registration and Renewal

CryWolf will track alarm registrations and renewals for users and alarm companies by location type, alarm types, and status of the alarm.  Citizens and alarm companies can also register, renew, and update their alarm registration information on line. 

Noticing and Billings
CryWolf automatically generates notices of false alarm events and calculates fees and charges in accordance with your alarm ordinance. Invoices can also be automatically generated and fixed and graduated fee schedules are supported.

Collection of Fines

We work with our clients to develop a payment processing plan that ensures collections are accurately and efficiently processed, and financial transactions are well-documented in accordance with your agency’s fiscal policies.  Payments are typically remitted to a mutually-agreeable, commercial bank lockbox for automatic deposit into a designated bank account established for your agency or can be submitted via a secure web-based interface.  CryWolf also supports payment information exported from external financial systems such as your finance department, collection agencies and code enforcement offices.

Hearing and Appeals Support
CryWolf quickly assembles pertinent information and reports to document all billing, revocation, and other decisions for evaluating an appeal.  A complete Hearing and Appeals module captures, tracks, and accounts for the filing and adjudication of hearings and appeals, and allows for the reduction of fees, reassigning of alarm calls, and even the deletion of calls as required.

Report Generation
CryWolf provides an extensive selection of standard reports as well as the ability to create unlimited as hoc reports.

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