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Mike Williams' Local Cop News: August 31, 2007

South Carolina: Humble hero named nation's top police officer. Johnson attempted to confront a man suspected of shooting a woman, and the suspect turned the gun on the officer. Johnson, who was shot in the face and the abdomen, returned fire and killed the man.

Ohio: Police chase passenger: 'I thought I was a goner'. Driver shot to death after pursuit.  Photo:  Blue Ash Cruiser Cam Video

Texas: A law enforcement training center headquartered at Texas State University-San Marcos is teaching active shooter response situations to police officers nationwide in record numbers, and that trend is expected to continue into the next fiscal year. 

West Virginia:  Tasers in Town. A Taser is an electroshock rifle used to stop people in their tracks by stopping some muscle movement. Police officers say it is non-lethal.

California: This Taser use justified despite fatal result.

Georgia: State investigating two former Gwinnett deputies.

North Carolina: Old houses blown up in SWAT training exercise.

Kentucky: The challenges faced by SWAT team officers. 

Kentucky: Video  According to Guy Ray Jr., his son went into the bank with one sole purpose: to die at the hands of police.   

Arizona: Suspect in police shootout attempted 'suicide by cop'.

Oregon: Deputy involved in shooting with armed driver.

Virginia: State police tactical gear theft investigated.

Indiana: Officer in trouble after joy ride. Muncie policeman gave 3 college students a lift in squad car, crashed showing off, chief says.

Boston: Bullet from trooper's gun hit Hub officer, DA says. Gang suspect is faulted in gunfight.

Ohio: Police pursuit ends in death.

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Mike Williams is the Assistant Chief of the Chattanooga TN police department and a 33 year law enforcement veteran. He was a SWAT officer for more than 25 years and teaches Tactical Team Commanders Courses for Team One Network www.teamonenetwork.com  Asst. Chief Williams is a member of the IALEFI Board of Directors (www.ialefi.com ) and is chairman of the editorial committee. He also produces the daily Police Related News electronic newsletter which goes out to over 2,000 police officers in the US, Canada, Australia and South Africa on a daily basis and the weekly IALEFI newsletter.
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