Young at heart

"Generally police work is for the young(er), aggressive officers. I have a squad with fairly experienced (senior) officers. The officer in the picture is Preston Brown who turned 65 years old when this was taken."

"Now, being his sergeant, I  just had a conversation with him on felony observed arrests. This was both motivational and officer safety minded in the conversation."

"Well, young Officer Brown turns around on this moped for a traffic violation and gets involved in a pursuit with what turned out to be a stolen moped. In just a short time, he had bolstered his observed felony arrests by 200%  with an Attempting to Elude a Marked Police Vehicle and Possession of Stolen Property 2  both felonies in the State of Washington."

"So, even mature officers can get motivated and get felony arrests like the young(er) officers."

Sergeant Bob Hester
Yakima Police Department, Washington

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