PoliceOne Picture of the Week: Celebrating the 4th of July in style

"We are a small agency located on the state line corridor of Kansas and Missouri and border the Kansas City Missouri Police Department on one side and a rather large police department — Overland Park, Kansas Police Department — on the west side of the State Line. We are actually in the middle of these two large cities."

"We work a community of about 26,000 people and hold a 4th of July celebration on the City Hall, Police Campus area of the city. We invited and were most fortunate to have a military unit fly to our celebration and spend the day with the folks of Prairie Village. They were active war veterans who have been home just one year from active duty in Iraq. We were invited to climb onto and get photographs with their air unit. Spending a day with these amazing people who protect this country was a real pleasure and honor."

Sgt. Greg Hudson
Sgt. Patrol Operations
Prairie Village Kansas Police


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